The members of the LSACTS Executive Board review and deliberate on a variety of issues related to Land Surveying. Once a subject has been researched, debated, and vetted, the formal White Paper is issued. These papers are organized in a conventional indexing format and once approved, includes the Council's stamp of approval.

A White Paper is an authoritative report, often used as a tool to introduce a specific issue. It is a great avenue for addressing an audience of a specific problem, stating a position, and proposing a solution. White papers are becoming powerful tools to help key decision-makers and influencers justify implementing solutions within a given industry.


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White Paper Topic
Date Released
California Right of Entry, By Lawrence A. Stevens WP 2010-001 May 28, 2010
Land Surveyor Liability (Part 1 of 9), By David E. Woolley WP 2010-002 May 1, 2010
Land Surveyor Liability (Part 8 of 9), A Land Surveyor's Guide to Defamation and Free Speech, By David E. Woolley WP 2010-003 August 20, 2010
Ground Leases/Leasehold Estates and the Surveyor, By David E. Woolley WP 2010-004 December 3, 2010
Land Surveyor Liability (Part 2 of 9), The Land Surveyor As An Expert Witness In Litigation - Procedures, Techniques and Liabilities, By David E. Woolley WP 2010-005 January 7, 2011
Land Surveyor Liability (Part 4 of 9) California Licensee Employee Liability, By David E. Woolley WP 2011-006 March 22, 2011