Gary is the principal Land Surveyor for one of the largest land surveying and civil engineering firms in San Diego. He has extensive experience in land development and governmental processing. He has been in the land surveying profession since 1985.


Gary Hus brings 25 years of land surveying experience throughout the State of California. After a stint in the U.S. Navy training in charts and navigation he acquired his bachelors’ degree in Geography with an emphasis in cartography. Starting his land surveying career in Los Angeles and Ventura counties he worked on boundaries, ALTA surveys, topography and construction in both a field and office capacity. A move followed in 1990 to San Diego his home and place of business for the last twenty years. Currently the head of a survey department for a large San Diego based survey, civil engineering and land planning firm he is responsible for all aspects of land surveying, mapping and construction staking. The survey department has specialized in providing consulting to various public agencies in the last ten years. Mr. Hus has been responsible for boundary retracements and title analysis on military installations, U.S. forest tracts, harbor department jurisdiction limits and railroad right-of-ways.

A concern about the general degradation of the reputation of the land surveyor has motivated Mr. Hus to associate with and help found LSACTS, a group of fellow professionals sharing similar concerns. He has specific goals of changing the reputation of land surveyors within the legal community as experts on boundaries and title matters.