Dave has been very active in the California Land Surveyors Association where he has served on numerous committees and special assignments. He has been in the land surveying profession since 1986.

Email: dwoolley@lsacts.com

A cornerstone of Dave's practice involves the ability to resolve complex boundary and title issues; which requires his firm to provide surveys and reports for boundary litigation. He has been involved in more than 40 court cases involving land surveying issues. His skilled expertise is largely sought after in California, most notably by surveying, engineering, and law firms.

Mr. Woolley is experienced in issues involving:

  • Encroachments (CC 1013.5, CCP 871.6)
  • Trespass (CCP 743)
  • Landslide (CCP 751.50 – 751.65)
  • Boundary disputes (CC 830 – 834, 841, CCP 324 – 325)
  • Standard of Care – Surveyor Negligence (CCP 411.35, 1029.5, CC 1102.13, 1102.4)
  • Negligent Misrepresentation
  • Unwritten Rights (CC 945, 1047)
  • Property Descriptions (CCP 337.1, 337.15, 2077, CC 1105 – 1181)
  • Title Conflicts
  • Review and composition of technical documents for settlements
  • Preparation of declarations
  • Deposition preparation & evaluation
  • Mediation

Mr. Woolley has the ability and experience to assist, as an expert, in deposition preparation and evaluation. His knowledge stems from professional experience in both deposition and court room testimony.

He also teaches “Ethics, Standard of Care and the California Business and Professions Code” at Rancho Santiago Community College.